Scientific meeting of the Micro-Nano-Fluidics Network GDR MNF


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Microfluidics, the art of controlling fluids within miniaturized chips, is a key technology for the future of many scientific and economic sectors such as medical diagnosis, pharmacology, chemical engineering. In recent years, we have logically witnessed the maturation and transfer of certain research bricks to industry: creation of start-ups, increasing involvement of industries (Solvay, Total, etc.). In parallel, new research themes are emerging, often based on an essential pluridisciplinarity: biologists elucidate the mechanisms of living organisms by developing model micro-environments; new energy conversion approaches integrate new materials, nanofluidics, electrical transport. It is therefore an active field, strongly multidisciplinary, mixing fundamental research or new approaches and application developments.


The objective of these plenary days is to bring together the French community that works on or with microfluidics and nanofluidics in order to promote exchanges, national collaborations but also to take stock of the latest advances in the field, both from fundamental and applied points of view. Around six themes identified within this GDR, the oral presentations will be articulated between guest speakers and participants' contributions. A large place will be given to PhD students both through oral communications and poster sessions.


The meeting will be held from 6 to 7 May 2021 in Toulouse (see Practical Informations).


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